Pleasure that joy piles up swells out. JR TOWER application

Shopping, the use in JR TOWER is smartphone application becoming convenient more happily.

Visit point of JR TOWER square card can acquire even application just to register customer number with application. Furthermore, we can confirm the point balance anytime and are convenient.

※JR TOWER square card customer number and registration of the date of birth of customer are necessary for application.
※Acquisition point of either much becomes effective by card collator and application in JR TOWER building.
※We are given visit point that we acquired by application after the next day.
※We can acquire visit point and are 10:00-23:00 at time.

We save point point1 balloon of application and get privilege! We get without missing point2 latest trend and Toku! Using point3 convenience function to master of JR TOWER!

Downloading from this.

We are downloaded by App Store

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We save balloon and get privilege!

Balloon is application original point that we can change to JR TOWER shopping ticket. Privilege that saving is glad a lot!

By check-in to JR TOWER, you can get balloon.
We check balloon which collected in my page!
It is 1 balloon for favorite article in LILE!

Point system of balloon

Checking in from application at the time of visit to each JR TOWER shop,
By LIKE action of article, we are given balloon.

By saving balloon given
You can get wonderful privilege.

  • ・Please set Bluetooth in ON.
  • ・At check-in time, it is 7:00-24:00.
  • ・We can perform grant of balloon by check-in about application once a day.
  • ・Balloon appearing in one lottery is 10-1,000 balloon.
  • ・Shop news, article of topics are given balloon by performing LIKE action. Balloon to be given by LIKE action is 1 balloon about LIKE1 time.
  • ・Balloon to be given by LIKE action is up to ten balloons a day. But LIKE action is possible ten times or more, but is not given balloon.
  • ・We will send out JR TOWER shopping ticket by tightening by the end of the month on the end of the month of balloon exchange application month.


We get without missing latest trend and Toku!

If it is application, both recommended information and coupon are quick easily! We can read favorite shop information in a mass if we do "my shop registration" and are very convenient.

When we like anywhere anytime, we check information!
As for the coupon not to be able to miss easily!


Using convenience function to master of JR TOWER!

We can move by MAP function in hall in search of objective shop easily! OFF rate calculation and point calculation of JR TOWER square card are the shopping left side of the stage with original calculator which there is immediately!

MAP function can look for favorite shop immediately and is not at a loss anymore!
With calculator which is very convenient for shopping in JR TOWER.

About initial setting

We start application after the installation → "Welcome to JR TOWER application" → Explanation of application begins when we tap "we begin newly". It is registration completion when we input sex, area to live with "initial setting" screen on the date of birth. The name, personal information of phone number are not necessary.
Movement environment
More than iOS11 more than Android4.3 (may not work with some models normally)

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Downloading from this.

We are downloaded by App Store

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