Art scene

Vol.44 (July 20, 2020 issuance)

We did "JR TOWER art scene" on the stage of JR TOWER including movie and music
It is free quarterly magazine sending various art information.

Distribution place: Each APIA ESTA paseo, STELLAR PLACE information counter, JR tower scenic dome T38, JR TOWER PLANIS HALL others

Art is always ... JR TOWER art plan ... special feature

We make 6 consecutive large-scale special feature from 44 and look back toward art plan of present continuous which JR TOWER promoted since its formation.
With this issue of the serialization first time, we introduce about art work setting at the time of the opening of business and past window display display from viewpoint of ba (space), thing (event), Toki (time) which "JR TOWER art plan" that "art always works on from the JR TOWER opening of business titled ... JR TOWER art plan ..." tied.

    • JR TOWER art box JR TOWER (the first floor) east concourse "koku, product ... thing - to be carved, and to go to intention"
    • "We understood "patrol exhibition of the 35th anniversary of the JR TOWER PLANIS HALL (ESTA the eleventh floor) Takenaka carpenter tool building opening for Class tree"
    • DAIMARU SAPPORO the eighth floor art art gallery "joint exhibition of form Takayuki Sato, Kenichi Asai of "paper and iron" two" others
    • Cinema of SAPPORO CINEMA FRONTIER topic is blue and has a pain, and "it is fragile"


      ※About patrol exhibition lecture (for September 20) cancellation that "we understood for Class tree" of the 35th anniversary of the Takenaka carpenter tool building opening

      <exhibition-related plan: Lecture ①> ※Cancellation※

      "Secret of Class tree - strength and beauty" (provisionally)
      Lecturer: Kenji Suda (person of woodwork art/living national treasure)
      The date and time: Sunday, September 20 14-16:00

      We will cancel the lecture mentioned above for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention.
      We apologize to customer that the holding was looked forward to.


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