The use of electronic money


Electronic money to be available in JR TOWER

In APIA ESTA paseo, STELLAR PLACE, the following electronic money is available.
※There is store which is not available partly.

Kitaca Suica pasmo tolca
manaca icoca sugoca hayakaken
nimoca iD QUICPay Edy
WAON nanaco ApplePay
Japan Only

Store impossible of use of electronic money

You cannot use electronic money at the following stores.

APIA JR Hokkaido Bus Ticket Center, public lottery section, NAKAU, insurance consultation salon FLP
LAWSON (in nanaco, unavailable)
ESTA Queen's SOFT CREAM CAFÉ, Sapporo eye clinic, Qol drugstore,Terminal dentistry, namco, hair salon emblem,We understand soba restaurant dialect greens bower, afurakku well! Guide who does not become senile
paseo ABC Cooking Studio, KAIUNKAN E&E, POST OFFICE, Cinderella Story, ticket PIA (the GYOKKODO), HOKEN MINAOSHI HONPO, NANBOYA
Pop-up Store
7-11 (in WAON, unavailable)
Seicomart (in nanaco, unavailable)
KANEKO EYE CLINIC, SAPPORO CINEMA FRONTIER, JR TOWER challenge shop and special event shop
7-11 (in WAON, unavailable)
MIKUNI SAPPORO (in Rakuten Edy, iD, QUICPay, nanaco, unavailable)
※For more details, please refer at each store.

Edy charge machine setting place

APIA Open space (the JR TOWER square card point terminal side) of B1F turnout
ESTA 10F restaurant area (the elevator side)
Center 6F (in front of SOUP CURRY & CURRY Tenma)

WAON charge machine setting place

Others B1F subway Toho Line Sapporo Station wicket (AEON Bank ATM)
The 1F JR Sapporo Station north exit (AEON Bank ATM)

nanaco charge machine setting place

APIA Center B1F ATM corner (Seven Bank)
paseo West 1F 7-11
Yeast 1F ATM corner (Seven Bank)
Yeast B1F 7-11
Others 1F Hokkaido Sapporo tourist information center (Seven Bank ATM)
  • ※"Kitaca" is registered trademark of Hokkaido Railway Company.
  • ※"Mobile Suica is available, too". "Suica" is registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.
  • ※"PASMO" is registered trademark of PASMO.
  • ※"TOICA" is registered trademark of Central Japan Railway Company.
  • ※"manaca" is registered trademark of Nagoya Transportation Development Organization Co. Ltd and M I see.
  • ※"ICOCA" is registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company.
  • ※"SUGOCA" is registered trademark of Kyushu Railway Company.
  • ※"We do not run already" is registered trademark of Fukuoka-shi Traffic Bureau.
  • ※"nimoca" is registered trademark of Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
  • ※It is prepaid model (payment in advance type) electronic money service of Rakuten group, and "Rakuten Edy" is registered trademark of Rakuten Edy.
  • ※"iD" is registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO Inc.
  • ※"QUICPay" is registered trademark of Japan Credit Bureau.
  • ※"WAON" is registered trademark of AEON Co., Ltd.
  • ※"nanaco" is registered trademark of seven card service.

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