What range is stroller (wheelchair) available to?

If hall of JR TOWER (APIA ESTA paseo, STELLAR PLACE) is inner, either is available. In addition, please get return back to seven places of stroller stations in hall.

It is one month, but child, please still tell age targeted for stroller.
In JR TOWER, we rent available type A stroller until from 1 month to 48 months after birth.

※In addition, please stop as the use of stand-up riding, 2-crew, escalator is dangerous.

Can we reserve stroller, wheelchair?
Unfortunately, number is limited and did not hear making a reservation in our facility.
How can you receive parking free service?

When you have you purchase 1 store 2,000 yen or more in APIA ESTA paseo, STELLAR PLACE, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at the store. When we authenticate at store and will handle, it is available free until two hours. In addition, we do not perform the certification by each information.

  • ※It excludes and there is different store of service condition partly.
  • ※Parking discount service is one service because of one piece of stationed-in-bike-race ticket. We repeat or, even in the case of purchase, cannot add up at plural stores.
We want to see late show of movie theater, what parking lot should we stop in?

Please use JR yeast multilevel parking garage, center outdoors parking lot, rail park.

After STELLAR PLACE shopping zone closure when is back, and arrive, please see including the following.

You are before JR TOWER opening (before 10:00) and want to go to movie theater by car, but please tell way to parking lot and movie theater.

When you come by car, JR TOWER yeast multilevel parking garage is convenient.

Please see including the following about entrance before STELLAR PLACE opening.

Where is wireless LAN usable?

"JR TOWER FREE WiFi" is available in 32 places in hall from Saturday, November 1, 2014.

As well as JR TOWER FREE WiFi, public wireless LAN in our facility can be used by paid service.
But we would appreciate your referring to provider joining directly in detail as we may not use by the situation of contracted provider and electric wave of customer.

Please tell way to Sapporo Station bus terminal.

(access from the first floor under the ground)
Three places come to the first floor nine from stairs which there is in ESTA the first floor of the basement gluttony product street in front of open space of APIA center the first floor of the basement sunshine filtering through foliage. In addition, please be careful according to destinations as entrances are different.

(access from the first floor)
Sapporo Station bus terminal entrance is on the passage right to JR tower hotel nikko sapporo from the Sapporo Station south exit.

In addition, about bus platform around Sapporo Station bus terminal others Sapporo Station, look at the following.

Do you sell "JR TOWER common gift certificate?"

Unfortunately, we do not sell "JR TOWER common gift certificate". In addition, please note that you cannot use "gift certificate common throughout department store" in JR TOWER.

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