Business hours

We will shorten business hours for the time being.
For more information:
  • [shopping] 10:00-21:00 
  • [restaurant] 11:00-21:30
  • ※Business hours are different about some stores.
  • [/restaurant area on the tenth floor] 11:00-22:00
  • [the ninth-floor/namco Wonder park] 10:00-22:00
  • [5th-8th floors] 10:00-21:00
  • [the first-floor ... the fourth floor/BIC CAMERA] 10:00-21:00
  • [/ESTA gluttony article town under the ground on the first floor] 10:00-21:00
  • [the second-floor/100-yen shop Cando under the ground] 9:00-21:00
  • ※Business hours vary according to about some stores or time.
  • [shopping] 10:00-21:00
  • [restaurant] 11:00-22:00
  • ※Business hours are different about some stores.
  • [the first-floor ... the sixth floor/shopping under the ground] 10:00-21:00 
  • [/restaurant on the sixth floor] 11:00-23:00
  • ※Business hours are different about some stores

Customer who comes to SAPPORO CINEMA FRONTIER before STELLAR PLACE business start

Customer who is back from SAPPORO CINEMA FRONTIER after the STELLAR PLACE closing time

JR TOWER Observatory T38

[scenic dome]

  • ◎Normal business hours 10:00-23:00 (the last entrance: at 22:30)
  • ◎Summer business hours <from July 1 to September 30> 9:30-23:00 (the last entrance: at 22:30)
  • ※Business hours may be changed all by events.
  • [T'CAFE (fine-view room)] 10:00-23:00 last order FOOD 22:30/DRINK 22:45
  • [T'SHOP (fine-view room)] 10:00-21:00
  • [Sapporo Style Shop (scenic dome entrance)] 10:00-20:30

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