The core of business scene to form to tower, intelligence office which evolved

Building facilities summary
Facilities summary
Electric equipment Lighting: Line lighting ceiling fluorescent lamp (32W1 light type)
(mean illumination 500Lx in office) can cope with the ceremony of 2 lights with * option
Louver installation is possible
Outlet: OA floor wiring 50VA/m2
TV joint watching and listening to facilities, teledish facilities
Satellite communications correspondence: It is parabolic antenna space on the roof
Information function OA floor setting (H=80mm), 500 kg/m2 of floor load
Air conditioner Each floor dispersion air conditioning method (each span individual control)
Sanitation Hot water supply: Local method (hot water supply room, restroom washbowl) with expression Electric water heater to store
Restroom (the seventh floor) for wheelchair
Disaster prevention facilities Sprinkler all the buildings setting
Automatic fire information facilities, flue gas facilities (pressurization protection from smoke system)
Connection water line, home generation of electricity facilities, powdery fire extinguishing facilities (parking lot)
Emergency lighting, instruction light, emergency broadcasting equipment
Elevator Passenger use: Six (20 jinjosokudo 210m/m) uchi one wheelchair correspondence
It is for person loads: One (24 jinjosokudo 90m/m)
Building summary
The location 2, Kita-5-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
Structure Steel-frame building (control on vibration structure)
Scale High-rise ridge is 3 stories under ground and 38 stories above ground
The first floor, the first floor, the second-floor doorway under the ground
STELLAR PLACE dining (restaurant district) entrance on the sixth floor
Parking lot entrance on the seventh floor
... the 20th floor room for rent (the eighth-floor clinic floor) on the seventh floor
Room for rent area 23,278m2 (7,041 tsubos)
Exterior PC curtain wall (quality of porcelain tile ground fishing)
Parking lot Pay-by-the-hour parking lot ridge 9.10 floor (124 contracts on a monthly-fixed amount), others self-run-type; there is
Landlord Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd.
Design Nihonsekkei Inc.
Construction KAJIMA CORPORATION, Kumagai Gumi, Satsuken Kogyo joint venture (high-rise ridge)

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