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Corporate philosophy CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY

Corporate philosophy CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY

Our company establishes the following corporate philosophy to express posture of the significance of being and management for the future.

We are always devoted to the customer first, and we meet a variety of needs and,
While building relationship of mutual trust with shop and subcontractor,
We try for realization of relief, satisfaction, impression of customer.
Through approaches that we considered cultural activities and environment,
Contribute to community, and as company which is faithful for society,
We plan thorough compliance and reinforcement of risk management.
We always with collaboration and the whole most suitable mind,
Each employee shows ability with spirit of reform and challenge to the maximum
We work and are worth and work on the making of company full of vitality.
We as member of JR Hokkaido group,
We work on realization of mission that you should achieve,
We try for development of company and contribute to result maximization of group.

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