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Company Overview

Company name Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd.
The location 2-5, Kita-5-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi JR TOWER OFFICE PLAZA SAPPORO
Business name change October 1, 2005
(we changed Sapporo Station south exit development to Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd..)
Capital 8 billion yen
Main stockholders Hokkaido Railway Company and others
President Toshihiko HIRAKAWA
Managing director Toshiyuki ISHII
Managing director Seiji NAGANAWA
Board member Ayumi MATSUI
Board member Kazuhiro HASHIMOTO
Board member Ryuzo OBATA
Board member Hiroaki AKIYAMA
Board member Masahiro Tanabu
Board member Syoichi SHIMAZU
Board member Hiroshi OOTSUKI
Board member Tomohiro Yoneda
Auditor Kazuhiro KAMEMORI
Auditor Hitoshi BANNAI
Auditor Hitoshi Nogiwa
Business outline (1) Store, office, lease business of real estate such as warehouses and management such as scenic dome, parking lot
(2) Management business such as the guard, cleaning, maintenance, repair such as building, parking lot
(3) Sale such as clothing, food, drink, alcoholic beverage, cigarette, office supplies, daily necessities miscellaneous goods, folk crafts
(4) Admission ticket, gift certificate, travel coupon, public lotteries of various entertainments such as music, drama, movie, sports,
  Sale such as stamp, stamps
(5) Business with trust business, locker of red public phone and vending machine
(6) Advertising and lease business of advertisement facility
(7) Insurance against loss agency and agency business of home delivery
(8) Management of passage of underground shopping center and open space
(9) Bus terminal business
(10) Management such as exercise facility and game facility and culture center
(11) All business accompany each front issue or to be related

Financial statements notification (measures based on Companies Act Article 440 Paragraph 3)

Movement of Sapporo Station bus terminal about facilitation approach plan

 In us, movement of Sapporo Station bus terminal made facilitation approach plan based on 4 regulations of "law about promotion of facilitation such as movement such as elderly person, person with a disability" Article 9.
 In addition, please confirm with the next PDF file about plan.

Apology and announcement of asbestos inclusion scattering

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