Kaitensushi nemuro hanamaru

  • Dining & cafe [conveyor belt sushi]
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11:00-23:00 (LO 22:15)
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We give up smoking daylong

We ship fishery products landed in Nemuro and the sea near the shore with main store directly from the field. We can enjoy seasonal taste to be able to taste simply because it is Hokkaido with being fresh. Grasping including salmon of popularity No. 1 including one dish of 140 yen (tax-included) ..., soup, single dish 100 items of menus! Creamy truth dachigaosusume which is excellent at the freshness in the summer, and melts in mouth thickly in raw saury, winter featuring seaweed of fat. It is always prepared 7-8 kinds for rare menu including the material to be able to taste only in warship of Hanasaki crab, hometown including soy marinated of homemade salted salmon roe. Soup including fault stew of salmon, gun stew of Hanasaki crab is fulfilling, too. Atmosphere full of energetic vigor is fun.

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