JR TOWER application Terms of Use

These terms shall apply to all matters to be concerned with the use of reporting service (called "this application service" as follows) using smartphone application to cell-phone (limited to smartphone) of shopping center which Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows) runs.
When customer registers the use of this application service, we make it a condition that we agree to these terms.

Article 1 (definition)

1. With "balloon", we issue for visit that we put in JR TOWER building of customer (called "user" as follows) using this application service, the use of this application service including LIKE of article and say program point to give to user. In addition, this cannot realize.
2. "Privilege" means right that we can change for privilege at the time of the balloon accumulation situation and irregular campaign conduct.

Article 2 (agreement of terms)

We download this service on smartphone of user, and user of this application service is considered to have agreed to these terms by using. When you cannot agree to these terms, you cannot use this application service.

Article 3 (the use of this application service)

1.Person who can use this application service assumes applicable person below.
・Individual who is older than junior high student living in Japan. But agreements such as legal representatives such as parents are necessary when it is person of limit legal capacity such as minors even if the individual is older than junior high student.
・Person having position as user whom other we establish in these terms.
2.Person who wish to use this application service shall be available by downloading this service.
3.The use of this application service says that we are free of charge unless we arrange fate separately. But we assume burden on user about communication fee that the use costs.
4.When it is revealed that user corresponds to any of the following, we can stop the use. In addition, about any damage that occurred to user by stopping the use or disadvantage, we shall be indemnified entirely.
・When user is less than junior high student.
・When user is limit legal capacity people such as minors and, in the case of use of this application service start, does not get agreements such as legal representatives.
・When user does unjust act in this application service, other services that we provide and other business with us.
・When user has done unjust act in this application service, other services that we provided and other business with us in the past.
・When we download this application service using terminal which we obtained using another person or unjust means.
・When we correspond to one of the reasons of stop of user qualification that user fixes for Article 14 or cancellation.
・In addition, when we judge us to be inappropriate as user.

Article 4 (management such as terminals)

User manages terminal which downloaded this application service with responsibility, and, about misappropriations such as the terminals concerned, blunder in use, use of third party, the damage accompanied with unauthorized access, outbreak of expense, we do not take responsibility for all.

Article 5 (loan, transfer of position of user)

Position of user cannot do loan, transfer, hock to any person. About loan, transfer of position of user, the damage to user or other third parties with hocks, outbreak of expense, we do not take any responsibility. We transfer and concerned, loan of position of user, lend to us in conjunction with hocks when the damage, expense incur, and the person concerned who performed transfer, hock shall compensate for the total amount.

Article 6 (secret maintenance and protection of user information)

We shall handle information that we acquire matter which user reported to us and information about use of this application service of user about duties to modify these terms or recorded based on others when we set in these terms, "privacy policy" (privacy policy) to set separately appropriately.

Article 7 (change of report matter)

1.User can read matter which we reported to us and use of this application service information to affect from this application service anytime.
2.When we change case and terminal where change was in member information that we registered after subscribing, user shall file for change by method that we set quickly.
3.Even if delay or these do not arrive at, by circumstances that occurred to users such as defects of change information when there is not procedure for foregoing paragraph or, arrival of sending thing such as notices from us considers to arrive at when it should usually arrive at to user, and we do not take responsibility even if disadvantage of user occurs in this way.

Article 8 (ID of member, use, managerial responsibility of PIN number)

Shall take responsibility for all about use, management of ID of member who uses when member changes terminal of by this application service, PIN number, to member of intention, fault when there is not, shall not be able to avoid the responsibility either. In addition, you must bear all expenses that ID of member by third party, all of disadvantage by abuse of PIN number belong to member and that member is concerned with the abuse and occurs.

Article 9 (notice method to user)

1.Notice for user shall be notified of from us by other methods to admit that in this application service or other we are suitable unless these terms have particular fate.
2.When notice of foregoing paragraph is carried out by notice on our website, the notice concerned is posted on the website, and notice to user considers to have completed with time when it became possible to read the notice concerned if user accesses website.

Article 10 (grant of balloon)

We give balloon according to standards that we establish separately such as LIKE! of check-in and article by visit in JR TOWER building for user.
2.At balloon grant time, we give by principle, the application service use next day. But grant may be delayed by the situation of system.

Article 11 (lapse of balloon, privilege or cancellation)

When we correspond to any of the following, or lapse can cancel a part of balloon, the privilege of user or all automatically by us. In addition, we perform no compensation, and we do not take responsibility for all for lapse, canceled balloon, privilege again.
・When we stop the use of user by Article 3 Paragraph 4.
・When information that we reported to us has indication of false mention, error in writing and injustice.
・When user acquires balloon, privilege by unjust means.
・When user violates these terms.
・When we judge that it is suitable to cancel balloon, privilege that user was given other us.
・When this application service is deleted by the smartphone top or the use is canceled.

Article 12 (tax and incidental expense)

User shall bear tax and incidental expense to incur at the time of the acquisition of balloon, the use of privilege.

Article 13 (verboten)

User must not perform applicable thing below.
・Do the use for the purpose of using this application service with purpose of injustice and profit.
・Act to violate trademark, copyright, design right of us, partner company or third party, intellectual property rights such as patent rights and other rights or act with the fear.
・Act to violate property, privacy of third party or right of likeness or act that we might violate.
・It is discrimination or act slanders, and slanders or to damage honor of others or trust in third parties.
・Act that is tied to crimes such as fraud or might be tied.
・It is transmission or act to display in image, document equivalent to obscenity, child porno or child abuse.
・Act establish endlessly chain reaction scheme (multilevel distributionship) or to solicit this for or multi-; act that counterfeit, and promotes the commercial law.
・Act to tamper with information of us which are accessible or third party by this application service, and to remove.
・Act to pretend to be actual or aerial third party, and to use this service.
・Act that we transmit harmful computer programs or others put in receivable state.
・Preelection campaigning, election campaign of election or act similar to these and act in conflict with the Public Officers Election Act.
・Act to send E-mails such as advertisement, invitation to third party without permission or act holds loathsomeness or to send the E-mail which can cause. Act to transfer depending on act to ask for chain of email transfer and the request concerned.
・Act accesses facilities of third party or facilities (says communication facilities to prepare because we provide service, computer, other apparatuses and software, and it is said that it is similar as follows) for our service in no authority or to give trouble for the use or administration or the act to be able to cause.
・Act to collect personal information of third party by fraudulent means without obtaining the person's consent or.
・Act to have violation (prostitution, violence, zangyakuto) in laws and ordinances, these terms or public order and morals other than each issue mentioned above, act to interfere with administration of this service, act damages our trust or to violate our property or act to give others or us disadvantage.
・Act (we include case that third party performs the act concerned.) to correspond to one of each issue mentioned above All acts to promote this.

Article 14 (cancellation of the use by user)

1.User can cancel the use of this application service anytime. When user canceled the use, we shall lose all balloons, privileges that user holds, all rights about the use of this application service and privilege and shall not acquire any right to claim with the use cancellation again for us either.
2.When user died, we consider that we canceled the use at that point.

Article 15 (stop of the use)

1.Or we can cancel stop without we notify user of position as user of applicable user beforehand at all and user notifying in any of the next.
・When it is revealed that we correspond to one of the reasons to fix for Article 3 Paragraph 4.
・When we let you use illegally or use.
・When we modify information that we provide without getting our consent.
・When we let we use this application service with purpose of injustice or other users or third party use.
・Case necessary to prevent injustice by third party when there might be injustice or injustice or.
・When it violates either article of these terms.
・When we judge other us to be inappropriate as user.
2.Even if the user concerned cannot use this application service by or our having canceled stop of user qualification based on foregoing paragraph, we do not take the responsibility at all, and duty to disclose shall not suffer the reason in the user concerned. In addition, user shall compensate for loss, the damage that we or third party took and expense (including legal fee).
3.When doubt is given about the use of the balloon acquisition of user and this other application services, during until the solution, it may limit stop of qualifications user, the use of other book application services by our judgment.

Article 15 (copyright)

Copyright of this application service belongs to us.
Member reproduces all or a part of the contents of this application service without permission and cannot sell reproduction, copying, modification, distribution.
When problem occurs against regulations of Honjo, member decides to solve problem in expense and the responsibility of self and shall cause no damage to us.

Article 16 (change of this service)

We may change contents of conditions, operation rule of this application service or this application service without notifying user beforehand, and user shall consent to this. We include partial reorganization of contents of this application service in this change, but are not limited to these. In addition, we shall not take any responsibility about disadvantage, the damage that user due to this change took.

Article 16 (temporary interruption of this application service or cancellation)

1.When we correspond to each next issue, in us, interruption may stop administration of this service or a part or all of our website temporarily without contacting user beforehand.
・When we regularly or urgently perform maintenance, check, repair, change of system of this application service. When we let you use illegally or use.
・When, by natural disasters such as fire, blackout and earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, offer of this application service is difficult.
・When we cannot offer this application service by war, upheaval, riot, social confusion, labor dispute.
・Obstacle, destruction, sabotage (we include manipulation of data and source code.) of system of this application service Or when we cannot run by outbreak of obstacle of network.
・When other we judge temporary interruption, stop of this application service to be necessary.
2.Even if or interruption, stop was called off, in us, this application service does not take responsibility for all about any disadvantage, damage that user due to this or other third parties took based on Honjo.

Article 18 (disclaimers)

We shall not take any responsibility for all the damage of user caused by the use of this application service, and there shall not be duty compensating for the damage concerned. User by the use of this application service for other users and when damage for third party user in us concerned of suitability shall be able to demand compensation for damages. We delete information of user and we stop and cross user qualification and stop this application service, and, in interruption, having canceled, we shall not suffer all compensation for damages duty regardless of reason.

Article 19 (monitoring such as illegal acts)

User shall consent about watching abuse of this application service by us beforehand.

Article 20 (range of terms and change)

1.Individual official regulations that we prescribe by indication in this application service or other methods and additional official regulations that we notify of for user at any time constitute a part of these terms. When fate of these terms text and fate of individual official regulations and additional official regulations are different, fate of individual official regulations and additional official regulations takes first priority.
2.We can change these terms anytime without getting consent of user. In that case, the use condition of application service depends on terms after change. We produce effect from point in time when we displayed within this application service unless we set about terms after change separately.

Article 21 (governing law and exclusive agreement competent court)

When Japanese law shall be applied about establishment, effect, observance of a contract of these terms and interpretation and needs suit about these terms, we do Sapporo District Court with exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

Supplementary provisions
We carry out these terms from September 1, 2016.
Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd.
Consultation counter (http://www.jr-tower.com/smp/privacypolicy/) which affects personal information of customer

Movement environment
Smartphone (we may not work with some models normally) which was equipped with Android4.3 or more more than iOS11