Social media policy

Social media policy

We set Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows.) about posture, action that you should observe as follows on utilizing social media.


Our posture, action that you should observe

  1. The Internet is open place where the unspecified number of users gather, and dispatch information to the Internet recognizes that the unspecified number of users are accessible.
  2. We recognize that each person's, disseminating information has socially big influence enough.
  3. For remark of user, we have posture to listen to.
  4. Even if it is private remark, we understand when it may be taken as our official opinion.
  5. We disseminate information and and we take responsibility for correspondence and are careful not to give misunderstanding.
  6. Privacy policy observes the handling of privacy policy.
  7. Information that was released recognizes complete thing that we cannot delete once.
  8. We observe laws and ordinances and official regulations in the company on disseminating information.
  9. We decide not to perform copyright, trademark, right of likeness, honor by slander slander, other rights abuse acts.
  10. Quotation such as dispatch contents, article of third party shows source and quotation part clearly.

Guidance and request to all of you

  • All disseminating information from us in social media does not necessarily express our official announcement, opinion.
    About official announcement, we disseminate information in our Web site ( and press release.
  • It is thing at the time of dispatch, and information may be changed afterwards. In addition, official account may be deleted without notice.
    Please be careful.
  • When you use service associated with our social media and that, please refer to each Terms of Use.


Inquiry about social media policy

Please contact us for your inquiries about our social media policy from "inquiry" form.


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