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Access from yeast multilevel parking garage is this

JR TOWER Observatory T38
2-5, Kita-5-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
Entrance reception desk: JR TOWER yeast 6F

Access guide from Sapporo Station (foot, JR) 1.We enter from the Sapporo Station south exit to the east concourse. 2.In the case of the JR use, we appear from the east wicket and advance towards the south side. Please aim for Hanaya per stab. 3.From the next to Hanaya, we enter STELLAR PLACE center. 4.Come to the sixth floor by elevator (center II) of the STARBUCKS COFFEE(paseo) side. 5.We advance to the right side if we get off elevator. 6.We turn left at the MUJI. 7.We see door of scenic dome. 8.We turn to the right side and advance straight. 9.Please buy admission ticket in ticket vendor or scenic dome information counter. 10.Finally to scenic dome

Access guide from Sapporo Station (foot, JR)

Access guide from Sapporo Station (foot, JR)

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