JR TOWER Observatory T38 gets the e habit Ren's certification in trip adviser 2019!

JR TOWER scenic dome tower THREE eight acquired "the 2019 e habit Ren certification" (Certificate of Excellence) that facility which provided superior service of world's largest trip word of mouth site "trip adviser ®" was given, and it was the sixth consecutive year of authorization.
The e habit Ren's certification (Certificate of Excellence) is authorization to be awarded in facility which acquired high evaluation by word of mouth of trip adviser for the past one year.
JR TOWER scenic dome tower THREE eight will try for improvement in further service towards facility where customer is satisfied with in future.

The e habit Ren's certification (Certificate of Excellence) is decided in consideration of quality, the number of word of mouth that tourist posted on trip adviser during 12 months and contribution time. We maintain higher than 4 in five phases by global assessment of trip adviser so that it is chosen as authorized facility and acquire the number of the minimum word of mouth, and it is necessary for publication periods in trip advisers to be 12 months or more.

With trip adviser
Of the world's largest to play, but to be found to eat that trip adviser stays is trip site *. We place information of the accommodations, airline, tourist attraction and restaurant of 760 million word of mouth and 8.3 million. About hotel, airline ticket, restaurant, tourist attraction, we introduce hint of various trips sent by real user. In addition, we inform of advantageous rate of the best recommended hotel which we compared from Hotel reservation site more than 200. Site of trip adviser brand unfolding in 49 countries and area is the world's largest trip community having unique user ** of monthly an average of 490 million people.


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