Approach and request to customer for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

We perform approach to prevention of infection spread to have customer for relief, security in JR TOWER.
I would like your understanding and cooperation.

Approach of prevention of JR TOWER infection spread
●Conduct of brisk gargle, hand-washing of all shop staff
●Mask wearing of all shop staff
●Thermometry before attendance of all shop staff and record
●Setting of antiseptic solution and disinfection reinforcement of high-frequency contact part of customer
●The number of the seats deletion such as benches in JR TOWER
●Reinforcement of opening of doorway and ventilation
●The number of the seats reduction of restaurant

Request to customer
Please wear mask.
●When you come to JR TOWER, please cooperate with wearing of mask.
●Please keep a cough etiquette in mind.

Please cooperate with social distance.
●Please take distance between customers to elevator, escalator as much as possible in verge or restroom of riding.
●Please have entering a shop in rush hours of shop.

Please use antiseptic solution.
●I would like finger disinfection with antiseptic solution installing in each site in JR TOWER.

※JR TOWER will work on prevention of infection spread in conformity with point of seven "new Hokkaido-style" reliable declaration.

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