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Group discount

100 yen discount of general group discount (more than ten people) entrance rate

School group discount/middle and high school student: 400 yen | Person with a disability: 250 yen/primary schoolchild, infant: 200 yen | Person with a disability: 150 yen

When there was prior application in cases such as kindergarten, in primary, middle and high schools schools, technical colleges, blindness, deafness, school for disabled children, local learning, school excursion of child welfare institution with school group, we limit. The number of people does not matter.
As for the staff of a school, one person becomes free of charge for ten students (it requires reservation by the day before).
Staff of a school one person becomes free of charge only when there is prior application when the number of students is less than ten.
Person with a disability comes to need the presentation such as notebooks.
Of rate general about person of assistance for person with a disability one person person of assistance one person become at half price.
On entrance in group, apply for application by FAX after filling out the requirements beforehand.

Please confirm entrance rate than this.

Group entrance application (PDF/62KB)

Contact Scenic dome information counter /TEL011-209-5500

Business hours

Scenic dome information access counter

Business hours 10:00-23:00 (last entrance 22:30)
T'SHOP 10:00-21:00
T'CAFE 10:00-23:00 The last order FOOD 22:30
DRINK 22:45
Please refrain from act to disturb food and drink, carry-on, smoking of pet, walk on windowsill bar, other views.
Purchase is targeted for free of charge 2,000 yen in total or more in 38F "T'CAFE" and "T'SHOP" for parking rate two hours. Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at store. Parking free service is not intended for scenic dome entrance rate.
About application of coverage shooting, apply for application by FAX after filling out the requirements beforehand.

Coverage shooting application (PDF/99KB)

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