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In scenic dome, direction of special sound is given ki with the JR TOWER first anniversary. That is flow of sound that is total to follow from the sixth-floor entrance to box office, shuttle elevator, scenic dome on the 38th floor.

Planet music to listen to in scenic dome

Moreover, in scenic dome of 160m above the ground, space can look around the connected big sky the earth of town of beautiful Sapporo and Hokkaido following forever. We introduce music made from special scale called "planet scale" into this scenic dome.

"Planet scale" is scale that old European thinker and scientists who thought that we replace position and movement of star of the solar system with pitch and can explain (Pythagoras and puriniusu, Kepler) found. Inherent pitch is assigned to Mars and the Venus, the sun and the moon depending on position and movement, and some scales are announced.

Planet music to listen to in scenic domeAs for the music of scenic dome, such planet scale was produced to base. Music made from scale of current doremifasorashido is sound with different sound that is more tolerant, and is slightly mysterious of flavor. In addition, being over as for spread forever while changing unlike normal music that there is introduction, development, denouement and conclusion during several minutes and is over gently, beginning is music that there is not.

We felt harmony in space and we felt that it wanted to be connected to dream and romance of ancient people who associated there music and were made.

Program of sound

Music of scenic dome is programed in place and time.
In the sixth-floor entrance, shuttle erebeta, scenic dome on the 38th floor, different music plays each. It is music of different feelings and greets in scenic dome particularly on the 38th floor at noon and night. In the interval, it changes at the time of switching of the night and day by season.

About title of a musical composition

One big symphony-like thing caught the whole, and music of this scenic dome touched total name and each movement title.

PRELUDE - SOUND FACADE (sound facade)… Music of the sixth-floor entrance
INTERLUDE - DUO (Duo)… Music of shuttle elevator
ROMANCE - LIGHT AND SHADOWS (music of light and shadow)… Music daytime scenic dome on the 38th floor
PASSACAGLIA - A STARRY NIGHT (month and night of stars)… Music night scenic dome on the 38th floor

An example of planet music

Sound design producer profile

Kazuo Nogawa
We perform environmental direction by sound of building space, music produce, broadcast and CD, DVD, sound direction of various media including planetarium.
Past main work
  • Sound design of living design center OZONE
  • Sound design of National Museum of Nature and Science new building
  • Sound design of the shore of Lake Akan Eco museum center
  • At the age of CD "Yakushima - water", it is produced sound such as DVD "rainbow continent" CD-ROM "moonlight bath"
  • Sound design of Ministry of the Environment Taketomijima yugafu building
Hoshino spirit one
After Hokkaido Prefectural Sapporo south high school graduation, we are a graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts music club composition department followed by Juilliard School graduate school. Also, based in New York, it is played an active part as modern dance group "The Yard" exclusive belonging composers keyboard of rock group "G.T.R." jazz group "Hesterian Musicism". 1991 returning home.
Main work & arrangement
  • Rhapsody (Tokyo Cultural Center) for piano and orchestral music
  • Dance peace "The Ceremony in Sand"(96th Street Y)
  • A Rhapsodic Movement(The American New Music Consortium)
  • To TV "RED" "dear thing" to "everlasting you" (CX system) (arrangement for stringed instrument)
  • "Tomorrow gaarusa movie" (arrangement for stringed instrument)

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