View point of 160m above the ground that dream of JR TOWER scenic dome tower THREE eight northern city spreads through. View 360-degree great view to spread liberally from tower THREE eight

■場所 :
2-5, Kita-5-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
JR TOWER yeast 6F scenic dome entrance
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Official shop which handles local brand "Sapporo-style" certification product from Sapporo.
A lot of products clogged up with charm of Sapporo including miscellaneous goods, accessories and craft product from skin care product!
Item which seems to be Sapporo where errand is most suitable for as presents from thing for oneself who can do it to close person, souvenir and present toward in fun, the foreign countries is usually prepared a lot.
When is looking for thing like Sapporo, at first to Sapporo Style Shop!

※There is "Sapporo-style certification product without the handling in Sapporo Style Shop partly, too".

Sapporo-style official homepage

The handling product

The first snow of the year paper soap
1,100 yen (with 12 pieces)
SAVON de SIESTA solidity soap
1,100 yen - 1,540 yen
In addition, there is seasonally limited product, too
SALT DE SIESTA bath salts
For each 330 yen (all four kinds)
In addition, there is seasonally limited product, too
SAVON de SIESTA skin cream
For each 1,320 yen (all three kinds)
Solid soap
"JR TOWER Observatory T38-limited"
1,540 yen
SALT DE SIESTA bath salts
"JR TOWER Observatory T38-limited"
385 yen
Natural horse oil cream
Humidity retention cream
10 g of 660 yen
80 g of 3,850 yen
EZO HERB lip balm series
Lavender peppermint sweetbrier
For each 1,320 yen (all three kinds)
Candle of snow and ice
Frost pillar 3,300 yen
Frost pillar blue moment 3,520 yen
Frost flower 880 yen
Room fragrance
(flavor of flavor/citrus mint of flavor/Forest of flower)
For each 3,300 yen
K's Aroma Style Sapporo No. 1 series
Blend essential oil 2,310 yen
Aroma candle 2,310 yen
Aroma room mist
L 3,520 yen
S 1,870 yen
Crystal of aroma stone snow
1,320 yen
Eraser strap
For each 1,210 yen
Soft and fluffy lamb Kyn series
Mascot 1,540 yen - 2,420 yen
Strap 1,430-1,540 yen
Postcard 168 yen
Leaf coaster
For each 1,980 yen
poco series
Baby spoon
One piece of article 3,300 yen
Gift set 4,400 yen
Friend of forest
Set to knit to knit
10,560 yen
(set contents)
Island island child bowl
It is baby spoon here and there
Baby gauze towel, picture book
Friend of forest
pakupaku set
10,780 yen
(set contents)
It is plate of the eyebrows here and there
It is baby spoon here and there
Baby gauze towel, picture book
Friend of forest
We set mumblingly
10,560 yen
(set contents)
Island island child plate
It is baby spoon here and there
Baby gauze towel, picture book
Ice drop (hyoteki)
flat 7,282 yen
square 9,053 yen (with two pieces)
mini 3,520 yen
Sapporo circle beans plate
For each 1,540 yen
Mug cup
For each 4,400 yen
Extra-large sake cup
For each 2,970 yen
Chopsticks of tree
For each 1,100 yen
Chopstick rest cat
For each 660 yen
Chopstick rest ski jump
1,100 yen with two
Aroma-style pendant
EZOSHIKA for each 2,530 yen
id.J eye D Jay (rucksack)
107,800 yen
id.Lumina eye Dill Mina (key case)
30,800 yen
id.Pass eye D pass
13,200 yen
Stall of indigo dyeing, straight goods dyed deep blue
Hemp 4,000 yen
Silk rayon 4,500 yen
Hemp gradation 4,500 yen
Stall of onion dyeing
Silk rayon 4,500 yen
rock candy series
Pierced earrings 9,350 yen
Earrings 9,900 yen
Necklace 9,020 yen
EZO/slash series
Pen case 5,500 yen
Key case 6,050 yen
Coin case 4,400 yen
Business card case
11,000 yen
ZOO series of tree
<ZOO of tree>
Rose (the small) for each 264 yen (very much) for each 330 yen
28 kinds set (with wooden box) 8,580 yen
ZOO series of tree
<ZOO strap of tree>
For each 462 yen
ZOO series of tree
<ZOO magnet board of tree>
For each 16,500 yen
Small vase
Large 2,860 yen
Small 1,320 yen
Key ring
Plain fabric 1,100 yen
Sapporo smile 880 yen
Tray coaster
With two pieces 3,960 yen
North animal origami
314 yen
Go; Fumi ... Yukifumi - series
Postcard for each 550 yen
North letter series
Greeting card (with envelope) for each 605 yen
Bookmark for each 440 yen
ito is in love; series
For each 550 yen


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