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Realization of relief, satisfaction, impression of customer

 We sincerely offer my gratitude for your everyday patronage.

 We opened commercial complex "JR tower" mainly on STELLAR PLACE at JR Sapporo Station in 2003. We unify existing commercial facilities of APIA ESTA paseo in 2005 and have many customers favor now from home and abroad as shopping center of the Hokkaido with facility which is riot's greatest scale.

 We advance, and, in the management environment surrounding shopping center of these days, competition intensification with competition including mail order by the Internet further adds to strictness progress of low birthrate and aging, reduction of market by population decline, too.

 Based on such situation, we devised medium-term management plan that was plan for four years from 2017. We stand on the base which we built and it is sincere and promotes one one measure for "realization of relief, satisfaction, impression of customer" from various angles such as facing, coping with trends from "thing" in consumption of customer to "thing", improving quality of concierge service of the shop staff and the front staff more again, working on reinforcement of security in shopping center more in needs to open object of thing and customer who show four charm each, and raise overall charm for collective strength as JR tower more in all generations, and to diversify well until now. To JR tower which provides "valuable product" and "valuable place" by such an approach more than before, and can spend "valuable time", we will continue always evolving.

 In addition, the Hokkaido Shinkansen Sapporo opening of business is planned in 2030. Customer who arrived at Sapporo Station Shinkansen platform as shopping center connected directly with Sapporo Station will establish "JR tower in the Shinkansen times" that it is attractive and is fun so that expectation to trip to begin is greatly blown up from now on.

 They believe that accumulation of pleasant memories makes a person's happiness, and they are alone, and even even friend and couple aim at JR tower which can spend time when even family is fun in every scene.


July, 2017

Sapporo Station General Development Co., Ltd. president Toshihiko HIRAKAWA

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